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Jiangsu Yangjie Runau Semicondutor Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of power semiconductor devices in China. For nearly 30 years, Runau has acquired the expertise to provide the most innovative solutions to ensure the reliable performance of power electronics devices. In January of 2021, as a corporated company of Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, the main-board published corporation in China main land,  Runau is approaching to a great development of manufacturing capability in high power semicondutor applications. Whenever matters required, our technicians, engineers, production team and sales force work closely with our customers to ensure the high quality, availability, and energetic performance of their electrical facilities.


  • CHIP


    High quality standard
    Excellent consistency parameters
    Thyristor chip: 25.4mm–99mm
    Rectifier chip: 17mm–99mm

  • Thyristor


    Phase Control Thyristor
    Rating 100-5580A 100-8500V
    Fast Switch Thyristor
    Rating 100-5000A 100-5000V

  • Press-pack IGBT(IEGT)

    Press-pack IGBT(IEGT)

    High power capacity
    Easy series connected
    Good anti-shock
    Excellent thermal performance

  • power assembly

    power assembly

    Rotating rectifier excitation
    High voltage stack
    Rectifier bridge
    AC switch

  • rectifier diode

    rectifier diode

    Standard Diode
    Fast Diode
    Welding Diode
    Rotating Diode

  • heat sink

    heat sink

    SF Series Air Cool
    SS Series Water Cool

  • power module series

    power module series

    International standard package
    Compress structure
    Excellent temperature characteristics
    Easy install and maintain



  • Thyristor Chip

    •Every chip is tested at TJM , random inspection is strictly prohibited.
    •Excellent consistency of the chips parameters
    •Low on-state voltage drop
    •Strong thermal fatigue resistance
    •The thickness of cathode aluminum layer is above 10µm
    •Double layers protection on mesa
    Thyristor Chip
  • High Standard Thyristor

    • Higher production standard applied
    • Ultra-low on-state voltage drop
    • Suitable for series or parallel connection circuit with matched Qrr and VT values
    • Better performance than general purpose phase control thyristor
    • Designed specifically for power grid and higher requirement
    • Product quality is normal military purpose
    High Standard Thyristor
  • Free Floating Phase Control Thyristor

    • Free-floating silicon technology
    • Low on-state voltage drop and switching losses
    • Optimum power handling capability
    • Distributed amplifying gate
    • Traction and transmission
    • HVDC transmission / SVC / High current power supply
    Free Floating Phase Control Thyristor
  • High Standard Fast Switch Thyristor

    • New designed enlarge gate structure
    • Planar production process
    • Ruthenium-plated molybdenum disc
    • Low switching loss
    • High di/dt performance
    • Suitable for Inverter, DC chopper, UPS and pulse power
    • Designed specifically for power grid and higher requirement
    • Product quality is normal military purpose
    High Standard Fast Switch Thyristor
  • GTO Gate Turn-Off Thyristor

    GTO manufacturing technology was introduced to Runau in the 1990s from UK Marconi. And the parts were supplied to global users with reliable performance and featured in:
    • The positive or negative pulse signal triggers the device to turn on or turn off.
    • Mainly used for high-power application beyond megawatt level.
    • High withstand voltage, high current, strong surge resistance
    • Inverter of electric train
    • Dynamic reactive power compensation of power grid
    • High power DC chopper speed regulation
    GTO Gate Turn-Off Thyristor
  • Welding Diode

    • High forward current capability
    • Ultra-low forward voltage drop
    • Ultra-low thermal resistance
    • High operational reliability
    • Suitable for intermediate or high frequency
    • Rectifier of inverter type resistance welder
    Welding Diode
  • High standard Power Module

    • High quality manufacture standard, international brand module case
    • Designed for users with higher performance requirement
    • Electric insulation between chip and baseplate
    • International standard package
    • Compress structure
    • Excellent temperature characteristics and power cycling capability
    High standard Power Module
locomotive high power rectifier 4500V 2800V
high voltage phase controlled thyristor for soft start
welding diode
high power phase controlled thyristor fast switch thyristor for induction heating melting furnace
  • thyristor rectifier GTO for Electric Train

    High power rectifier diode and thyristor supplied by Runau Electronics form the bridge rectifier circuit, which can realize the smooth voltage regulation between stages. Safe and Reliable. 2200V 2800V 4400V
    thyristor rectifier GTO for Electric Train
  • Soft Start

    Lower conductive voltage drop, stronger over-current capability, higher impact&voltage resistance with the most cost efficient solution, Runau thyristor provide all the satisfaction of soft starter comprehensive application perfectly.
    Soft Start
  • Welding Machine

    Welding diode also known as ultra-high current FRD diode, featured in high current density, very low on-state voltage and very low thermal resistance, low threshold voltage, small slope resistance, high junction temperature. Runau welding diodes IFAV range from 7100A to 18000A which are widely applied in resistance welders with frequency from 1KHz to 5KHz.
    Welding Machine
  • Induction Heating

    Phase controlled thyristor and fast switch thyristor are manufactured in high standard process, featured in chip is all diffused structure, optimized distributed gate design, excellent dynamic performance, fast switching performance, low switching loss, highly suitable for induction heating application.
    Induction Heating